For several years I have had a mid-level DSL service from ATT/BellSouth, and really have had no problems with the service as it meets my needs and fits my budget.

But I have had to replace the infamous Motorola 2210 modem on three occasions (it apparently was a design disaster, programmed to expire shortly after warranty did the same?) so I recently changed over to a new Motorola 3360 modem which has much more favorable user reviews.

Problems with old modem: Slow to acquire (once working, OK!) from a cold start, would drop out during non-use (computer in sleep mode), etc. All consistent with 2210 problems when modem is on life support. It finally would NEVER acquire a signal.

New modem: Works like a top, and is “cooler.” Acquires from cold start within a reasonable time frame. Sounds good? Well, now it is also

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