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Knowing The Difference: An Open Letter to AT&T

Good afternoon, 

I am writing to you today to express my complete and utter frustration
with your customer care staff. I’ve been dealing with them for the past several
days, on what should have been a very simple task. Instead I have spent over 6
hours on the phone – either on hold, being transferred to another department or
trying to explain what I needed. I was transferred countless times, dealt with rude
customer care staff and somehow throughout this process apparently had my
cellphone number disconnected without my consent. I am beyond frustrated and
disappointed in ATT at the moment. I have been a customer for over a
decade and have never had the trouble I have had in the past 5 days.

Please, let me start at the beginning. I am the owner of a shared
family plan that consists of 4 phones. My father recently passed
away, when I

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