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Hey, it's Seth THE BLOGGER GUY – #AT&T #FAIL |

I have one thing to say about this video from ATT, Seth Bloom is NOT a blogger, I don’t know him, I don’t know any blogger who know him.

The videos starts with, “Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY…”

I stopped watching because I am a REAL BLOGGER GUY and I am furiously mad because that’s NOT ME nor does that represent any “blogger guys” out there.

LIES, LIES, and more LIES.  Consumers need truth ATT, you FAILED again.

According to

“Seth the Blogger guy” is really Seth Bloom, a Senior Vice President at ATT’s outsourced public relations group. His title is as genuine as his message.

Let this day be the PROOF that I was right all along, ATT LIES to customers like it’s nothing.

Here’s the “REAL” Seth:


ATT, you

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