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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hasta Luego, Austin! | Take To The Highway

Here is “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of my month-long trial run at full timing in the Austin Pecan Grove RV Park. (It’s every new RVers rite of passage to use that title just once, right? ) Location, Location, Location – The Pecan Grove Campground could not be in a better place for […]

Minecraft Survival Games Ep. 35: At&t Sucks…

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Lisikke: Reason #254 why AT&T sucks | |

I’m really starting to think I’ve hit a lick of smartphone bad luck. It started with my HTC’s screen crapping out, then buying a new Sony Xperia only to decide that it was too small, repairing the old HTC to hold me over, buying the larger version of the Xperia only to discover I couldn’t […]

AT&T Adds 'Administrative Fee' to Wireless Bills, Nets $500+ Million

ATT has introduced a new “Mobility Administrative Fee” to its postpaid contracts. The $0.61 monthly fee ($7.32 per year) is being categorized “below the line” alongside tax and fees as an administrative surcharge. The fee came into effect on May 1st, and applies to all consumer contracts as well as “IRU” business contracts (business accounts […]

Sprint Community: Horrible Customer Service

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AT&T U-verse problem's – ATTSucks | Burson-Marsteller Watch

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AT&T to enable video chat over cellular connection on all

May 20 AT 9:59 PM Nick Gray 21 Comments ATT to enable video chat over cellular connection on all applications by year end While Google Hangouts has a few flaws, there are countless things it does right. Besides group messaging, video calling is probably one of the most compelling features of Google’s new messaging app. We’ve taken […]

AT&T explains its new 61 cent/month administrative fee policy

.Thanks reader Kory for screenshot ATT started this month charging an administrative fee of $.61/month/user for its mobile customers in addition to its current fees. While the fee may be small, as the Verge notes it adds ‘up to hundreds of millions of dollars’ over 24 month contracts and millions of customers. What gives?  An […]

Companies with worst customer service

Rated 64/100  —The fourth worst ISP in its first year ranked —The second lowest rated phone service In addition to being the fourth worst rated ISP among those surveyed, CenturyLink is the second worst rated fixed-line phone service (71), behind only Time Warner and tied with Comcast.  More and more customers are getting rid of […]

Microsoft lies and cheats to portray advantage in tablet ads | 9to5Mac

Optical illusions? The iPad screen on the left is actually bigger Earlier today Microsoft unleashed its second ad in what appears to be a new campaign focusing on directly comparing iPad to Windows 8 tablets side-by-side– not unlike Apple’s own very successful ‘Get a Mac’ campaign. However, it appears that some of Microsoft’s claims are turning out […]