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A Letter to the Management of Companies with Hated Customer

A news article headline caught my eye the other day.

“Rogers CEO says customer service needs to improve ‘significantly’”.

Rogers, a Canadian cable, wireless, and media company (Canada’s version of ATT) – made the bold statement that they need to improve their customer service. The outgoing CEO, Nadir Mohamed, made similar statements when he took the job 4 years prior.

I’m not a Roger’s customer. I’m not even Canadian. But the headline and CEO statements got my blood boiling a bit.

Telecoms are world renown for their soul-crushing customer service. In the U.S., Comcast, Dish, ATT, Time Warner frequently make annual lists of the companies with the worst customer service, as rated by the people who should matter most – their customers. Banks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America are not far behind.

Does it have to be this way? I’ve worked with

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