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AT&T Universal Card Lost Another Customer

I’ve been an ATT Universal Card customer since 2001, starting out with a small classic card and eventually upgrading my way to a Platinum Rewards Mastercard. When I went through my financial turnaround a while back I cut up all but two cards with the idea that when my debt was eliminated I would run utilities through one credit card for convenience (and to earn rewards), and travel/emergencies through another credit card.

ATT Universal Card survived the plastectomy because I liked their rewards program, it was one of my older accounts, and because I had a very low variable rate (which had floated down to around 6% thanks to rate reductions).  I consolidated my remaining debt to this card because of the low rate and was making monthly payments to reduce the balance.

To my surprise, I received my bill last month and noticed that my stated annual percentage rate (APR) was

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