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HTC First Sales Awful, Facebook Phone Being Discontinued By AT&T

The HTC First was heralded in as the first fully featured Facebook phone, but customers didn’t bite, and now the smartphone is facing the possibility of being discontinued.

Sources close to sales of the HTC device claim that ATT Wireless has sold less than 15,000 units nationwide. Those sales included ATT’s special $1 smartphone sale.

According to BGR, the $1 sale was a precursor to total discontinuation of the phone, with salespeople making “little if any effort to sell the handset to customers.”

What’s worse is that HTC paid ATT to guarantee that the Facebook friendly phone would receive prime positioning at point-of-sale displays throughout ATT retail stores.

It’s believe ATT is only keeping the phone in stores now because its contract requires the phones to remain.

In responding to the claims, ATT says:

“As mentioned previously, we do pricing promotions all the time and have

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