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bad customer and quality service | ATT (AT&T Telephone) Service

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Top 25 Letters
The selection and placement of letters on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.

  1. A loyal customer of almost 13 years in dire need of your professional assistance
  2. After more than 30 years shopping at Wal-Mart…..I’m done. Never again.
  3. UPS Man
  4. Acknowleding the value of lost lives
  5. Plus Size Discrimination
  6. Birthday
  7. Citi Remote Deposit Limits Not High Enough…
  8. Can’t wait for 2 yr contact to be up so I can drop Verizon!!!!
  9. Bad experience at McD’s confirms how great you are!
  10. repair items
  11. Preying on senior citizens
  12. More bad service from Lowes
  13. Speed up the Check-Out process, please!
  14. dcr- trv280 hANDYCAM
  16. Abysmal Customer Service at a Verizon Store
  17. Your CEO is disgusting!
  18. You need help in customer service the English language!
  19. Identity theft, thanks to you
  20. Credit Reporting
  21. Membership fraud
  22. Verizon

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