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IBM's Watson supercomputer could be the cure for awful customer

IBM’s jack-of-all-trades supercomputer Watson now has a new trade: customer service.

IBM announced a new application for Watson today, called Watson Engagement Advisor, that applies all of Watson’s brainpower to answering questions from regular people rather than, say, doctors or Alex Trebeck. Think of it as Siri, but on a much larger scale.

ibm-watsonImagine, for example, that you had a problem with your phone service bill (which I’m sure happens often). Rather than call your carrier and sit on hold for a half hour, you could talk to the company’s custom version of Watson, which could guide you through your bill and answer your questions in a natural, simple way. Watson could completely replace the uneven and inconsistent customer service experience with a single, uniform voice. And which company isn’t going to go crazy over uniform experiences?

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