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Lisikke: Reason #254 why AT&T sucks | |

I’m really starting to think I’ve hit a lick of smartphone bad luck. It started with my HTC’s screen crapping out, then buying a new Sony Xperia only to decide that it was too small, repairing the old HTC to hold me over, buying the larger version of the Xperia only to discover I couldn’t remove the SIM lock, then the HTC screen crapped out AGAIN, so I was back to my Nokia until I could find a SIM unlocked Xperia. Then everything is peachy-cool, I love my new phone (it has PURPLE lettering on the keyboard. How cool is that?!), its software is behaving and seems to be pretty sturdy.

I don’t have a data plan and don’t really want one – I’m glued to a computer 8 hours a day, and being unplugged from the internet forces me to actually interact with the world, so I have the mobile

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