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Our Updated Privacy Policy | AT&T Public Policy Blog

Posted by: Bob Quinn on June 28, 2013 at 11:55 am

In today’s online world, many companies are increasingly using customer data to help personalize and improve the products and services they offer consumers.

All of us are familiar with Facebook serving ads to its users based on common interests they have explicitly or implicitly documented on Facebook.  And we know that Google collects information and uses that to provide us with information and ads. 

In our own industry, Verizon uses anonymous and aggregate customer data to create marketing reports that help other companies better serve their customers.

At ATT, we similarly plan to provide our customers with these sorts of personalized services and we’re committed to doing so in line with our longstanding policy to respect and protect our customers’ privacy.

Today, we posted an updated Privacy Policy that outlines a couple of new programs we plan to offer and, importantly, reasserts our

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