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New AT&T Plan Allows Smartphone Upgrades Once a Year

Rather than “rethinking possible,” ATT is rethinking its plans, as it becomes the latest wireless carrier to offer customers the option to upgrade their phones more frequently.

ATT chicago flagship store

Starting July 26, ATT will offer new “Next” plans for smartphones and tablets, on a post-paid basis. The plan allows customers to trade in their devices (feature phones excluded) every 12 months, provided the customer pays a monthly installment fee based on a 20-month cycle.

So, you would take the full retail price of a smartphone or tablet, divide it by 20 and add that cost to your monthly traditional or family-share ATT plan. Twelve months later, you trade in that device for a new one, and a new cycle begins.

If you decide you want a new phone before the 12 months is up, Next owners still owe the cost of the remaining

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