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AT&T Next vs. T-Mobile Jump: Which upgrade program is better?

att-tmobileHot on the heels of T-Mobile announcing its semi-annual smartphone upgrade program called JUMP, ATT announced its own annual upgrade program called ATT Next, and Verizon’s rumoured to introduced one as well. So which one of these is the best one? Read on.

T-Mobile recently phased out subsidies and contracts, so if you buy an iPhone on its network, it’ll cost you $145.99 upfront, followed by $21 monthly instalments for two years. Apart from this, JUMP has a monthly fee of $10.

For an iPhone on ATT, subscribers would pay $32.5 per month, and can then upgrade to the new iPhone by trading the old one in. Unlike T-Mobile, there’s no upfront cost at all.

Assuming you sign up for a 2.5GB per month data plan with unlimited text+voice on T-Mobile, and 3GB on ATT, here’s how the

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