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Maybe I'm just being paranoid….but really, AT&T?!

As you may recall from my last post; things have been falling apart around here at an alarming rate.  In fact, Man-Child has just informed me that, in addition to everything else, that his iPod has died.  Which is, actually kind of amazing.  After he’d accidentally crushed it with a set of weights a few years ago and it miraculously survived, despite being severely dented, I figured it was indestructible.

Despite Hubby’s distress over the state of the lawn – due to the incapacitated lawn mower – my biggest issue has been with the intermittent internet issues.

After replacing the phone jack, moving the router to another phone jack, replacing the ethernet cable and still having issues, I was convinced that the issue was the router.  I mean, honestly, what else could it be?  Particularly since the first guy I had talked to said that this issue was something in

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