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Public's Interest is in Improved Service, Expanded LTE Wireless

Posted by: Joan Marsh on April 21, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Today, we filed some paperwork with the FCC – our official applications to transfer licenses from T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom ’s U.S. subsidiary, to ATT.  We also filed a public interest statement and some other supporting documents.  It’s certainly a lot to read so we tried to break it down into key points.  You can check out a comprehensive executive summary of our filing on our MobilizeEverything website.  

The bottom line is that our merger with T-Mobile USA will offer significant benefits to American consumers.  It will address capacity constraints that both of our companies face, which will enable the combined company to provide improved services in the many urban, suburban, and rural markets where the enormous surge in broadband usage is fast consuming available capacity.  What this means is fewer dropped calls, fewer failed call attempts, and better data throughput. 


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