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Moto X for Sprint, US Cellular, and T-Mobile will have unlockable

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It’s always in the back of every custom ROM lovin’, XDA divin’, Android modder’s mind whenever a new device is announced, “Will it have an unlocked bootloader?” This is the question many asked when the Moto X was announced last week, and while more information began trickling in after the press release, we learned that Motorola would be making a special “Developer Edition” of the X available shortly after launch, followed by a Google Play edition.

But what about those that are happy with their current carrier and don’t mind signing a 2-year agreement for a discounted device? Well, Motorola reached out to us and let us know that if you’re on Sprint, US Cellular or T-Mobile — you can enjoy a Moto X that comes with a fully unlockable bootloader. The process is said

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