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Report: Moto X Launching on All Carriers August 23, MotoMaker an

moto x verizon

I don’t think we need to hammer home out thoughts on Motorola giving ATT the exclusive on MotoMaker at launch any longer, we’ve made it pretty clear that we think it’s a terrible decision. MotoMaker is easily one of the three reasons customers will think about buying this phone, so locking out anyone who’s not on ATT makes absolutely zero sense to us. But again, you know that, so we’re trying not to continue to dwell on it. In the end, other carriers (including Verizon) will see Motorola’s Moto X customizer. The big question since the phone’s reveal, has been “When?” 

During our time on the DL Show last Friday, we put our money on it being an ATT exclusive until the holidays. If a report out of Ad Age is correct, we were spot on with that

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