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Hey, AT&T! What is this? 1997?

* I spent several hours at the Illinois State Fair over the weekend. The grounds looked great and we had a fantastic time, except for one problem.

Both days, after 5 o’clock in the afternoon, ATT’s mobile phone service wouldn’t work. Calls in or out were sporadic at best, and texts took numerous attempts to work, if ever. Internet? Fugetaboutit. And when the nightly concert started, everything completely shut down. No calls, no texts, no nothing.

The ATT system was obviously totally overloaded.

* My friends who use other carriers said they had no problems at all. It was just ATT, so there’s no excuse for the giant corporation’s lousy service.

* I missed a chance to meet up with some folks. While a serious bummer and extremely frustrating at the time, it wasn’t a huge deal, I suppose.

But what about

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