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Re: Reasons for Leaving Verizon

Well let’s see.  Reasons for leaving Verizon.

1) I can call 5 times with the same question and get 5 completely different answers and odds are they will all be the wrong answer.

2) Never ever make a change on your service plan, as it will take months of phone calls and a ton of your time to get the bill straightened out. Most of the time you simply give up because your brain has started to melt from all of the incorrect information and the incompetence of the people working in customer service.

3) Having to pay for services that you don’t need or want and if you make a change they swear up and down that they have provided you with all of the correct information to make the best informed decision for your cellular needs.


Ok, so you’re thinking “oh this person is just whining” …….here are the most recent reasons

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