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AT&T will round out 2013 with LTE in 420 cities and towns — Tech

ATT has all but completed its large-scale summer LTE expansion, polishing off the 4G upgrade this week in all but one of the 78 small cities and towns it had on its itinerary. But it’s not waiting around to start on the next phase of its rollout. On Tuesday Ma Bell announced 50 more markets it’s targeting for the new super-fast network this winter and fall, which means it will end the year with LTE in 420 markets.

That will easily meet ATT’s 2013 goal of 270 million people covered — it’s at 225 million today — putting it just 30 million people shy of completing its nationwide network. Verizon Wireless wrapped up its 4G rollout in June with 298 million people covered. ATT expects to put the finishing touches on its LTE footprint by next summer. Both Sprint and T-Mobile have some catching up to do.

On Wednesday, ATT’s

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