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There isn't a reason for developer edition phones to exist

Developer Edition

The phone market works in a very peculiar way in North America when compared to the rest of the world. Most consumers have no idea how much their phone actually costs because they’re accustomed to only seeing carrier-subsidized prices. This approach to selling devices gives the carrier a lot of power over device makers, and that has resulted in locked-down devices becoming the norm. Even the Google-backed Moto X is locked up tight on ATT and Verizon. However, there is a shining beacon of openness in this otherwise dark and depressing world — the developer edition phone. But do these devices really matter?

A developer edition phone usually has the same hardware as the non-developer edition device. The main difference is in the software that is flashed by the OEM. Carriers like ATT and Verizon usually insist on locked bootloaders, which prevent

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