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Awful AT&T Customer Service |

Dear ATT

Your attention to this letter is greatly appreciated. I have experienced disgraceful customer service from your company this week. In short, I was made a wonderful offer for a family plan by an agent named Korain: She quoted word for word: a family plan at $85/per month, including taxes and fees, for 2 phones, unlimited calling, data, and texts, once again for two phone lines, plus $9.99 for each additional line. I asked her numerous times if this was correct because it sounded too good to be true- she repeatedly answered that it was a true offer. I told Korain, “that sounds great, sign me up!” she said ok, let me transfer you to the department who can finalize it for you. Then, I WAS HUNG UP ON. I spent the next hour chasing around customer service and not getting this

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