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FCC puts AT&T acquisition of Alltel on pause, awaiting prepaid


ATT must explain how it plans to transition prepaid customers to its network for deal to move forward

As it nears the (informal) 180 day timeline for approving ATT’s purchase of Alltel, the FCC has put a pause on the review in order to get more information about how ATT plans to transition all of Alltel’s customers to its network. If you’ll recall back to January, ATT purchased spectrum assets and 585,000 customers when it acquired the rest of Alltel for $780 million. At the time it seemed like a slam dunk purchase for ATT, but now the FCC is worried that ATT doesn’t have an appropriate plan for Alltel’s over 180,000 prepaid customers.

ATT has offered an acceptable plan to bring Alltel’s postpaid customers over to its network, but the FCC ... read more at: