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AT&T Does Want Mobile Data Usage to Grow (As Long As it Gets Its

ATT doesn’t want mobile data usage to slow, but it’s herding users toward new punitive mobile data plans and Wi-Fi hotspots. The company handled 20 million Wi-Fi connections in first five weeks of 2010, the same number as all of 2008, said John Donovan, ATT CTO of Operations, speaking at the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco today. And today 51 percent of ATT’s post-paid subscribers have devices that handle both voice and data, with an additional 5.8 million non-voice-centric data devices.

ATT CTO of Operations John Donovan

So basically, there’s a crapload of demand for data delivered to mobile devices — which “shortens the distance between intention and action,” as Donovan put it. “By 2014, total traffic in 2008 rounds to zero.”

Donovan acknowledged existing strains on ATT’s network. “We will move heaven and earth to get out in front of this

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