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The Samsung Galaxy Mega: AT&T's worst smartphone is its best

And because of where it lives — on your person, that is — the Galaxy Mega takes on brand new sense of usability and function that traditional tablets haven’t been able to pin down just yet. You’ve got books, magazines, movies, music, television, games, and more on your person at all times, on a massive, easy-to-view display, rather than in your bag or at your desk. The Galaxy Mega is never more than an arm’s length away —when was the last time you carried around your “full-sized tablet” without interruption and consistently within reach for an entire day? Despite a few flaws, including a last-gen processor and display, its convenience and portability are enough to deem the Galaxy Mega the best tablet Samsung has ever created. 

But regrettably, labeling the Galaxy Mega a smartphone rather than a tablet is a bell that Samsung cannot unring. Now, thanks to ATT’s

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