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2013 AFC South Preview: Houston Texans

Matt wraps up his offseason preview after working his way from the bottom to the top:

Part 1: Jacksonville Jaguars

Part 2: Indianapolis Colts

Part 3: Madden Minicamp All-Stars

Part 4: Tennessee Titans

This entire spring/summer/preseason, writing about the Texans has been like eating a colossal Nighthawk authentic meatloaf or soy black bean burger. Now we finally get the chance to eat a meal not made in a zip block bag. Finally, the day is almost here where we get to watch, love, and react to real actual football. No more of this authentic goop we have nibbled on. 236 days have passed since the Houston Texans lost to the evil empire of the Northeast. Here we are again, about to embark on another Texans season for six months. The last time Houston played, I had this to say:

Houston is still a team that has just

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