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Autopilot: Ryan vs. Bryan

All I Do is B!tch About Telcos

…but only because they so totally suck.

I’ve tried to take the larger view and say that – yes, in fairness to ATT – the number of outages I’ve experienced while paying for their service has been very close to zero.

I’m sure the legion of engineers who work tirelessly at all hours of the night would like to be acknowledged. And they should be. Modern data networks are a hell of a thing. And the one I’ve been paying for has been there for me with (so far as I remember) total uptime.

And they somehow even find time to route all my data to the DEA. Impressive.

But the squeaky wheel principle applies here. I pay for a utility, I expect it to work. If it doesn’t work – why am I paying for it?

24/7 uptime is Par.

So those noble and nameless ATT engineers

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