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Straight Talk Prepaid Service Now Supports AT&T LTE – Droid Life

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Straight Talk, one of the most popular and affordable prepaid smartphone options, now appears to support ATT’s 4G LTE. At $45 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, this is now an incredibly interesting choice if carriers, subsidies, and contracts are not something you ever want to see again in your life. 

Just last week, we saw ATT’s official prepaid plans through Aio Wireless go live nationwide, however, their plans start at $55 for any sort of meaningful data amount. Aio Wireless is also up front about their data throttling limits, and the speeds you will receive. For $55, you’ll receive access to ATT’s LTE network with max speeds of 8Mbps up and down for the first 2GB of data you use each month. After that, you’ll be throttled to even slower speeds.

Straight Talk

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