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Straight Talk now offers 4G LTE on AT&T – unlimited talk, text, and

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It’s no secret ATT’s wireless plans aren’t exactly the most “affordable” out there. Even if you opt for their new Aio pre-paid service — the one that recently went live around the country a few days ago — you’re still looking at $55 for 2GB of data.

Straight Talk now has 4G LTE

If that was still a little too rich for your blood, Straight Talk may have just become your next best option. The pre-paid MVNO silently upgraded their wireless service that (finally) allows customers to access ATT’s blazing fast 4G LTE network where previously only HSPA+ was available. Unfortunately, it looks like only regular and micro SIMs are available (no nano SIMs as found on the Moto X just yet).

Straight Talk 4G LTE

For those of you

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