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AT&T apologizes for tweeting 9/11 ad

Dan McConnell, a veteran public relations consultant and senior instructor at the University of Washington, said he found the ATT tweet too commercial.

“It’s not that it was so offensive, but it took a very commercial turn on a day of remembrance when we’re not thinking about selling products, we’re thinking about the state of our world,” McConnell said. “In that respect, it was inappropriate.”

He said companies that succeed on days of remembrance “do so in a very institutional or philanthropic manner.”

“They’re basically thank-you ads that say we respect the people who have defended our country around the world,” McConnell said. “If you sign that with your company’s name, people will feel good about it. But if you inscribe it on the screen of your brand new Galaxy mobile phone, people wonder, ‘Why did you have to show me that?'”

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