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Straight Talk now offering AT&T LTE with supported phones

Straight Talk

Straight Talk’s $45 monthly “unlimited” plan gets even faster

Straight Talk, the national MVNO who uses bits and pieces of all four major carriers networks to provide inexpensive pre-paid service across the US, now offers ATT LTE on their bring-your-own-phone monthly plan.

You’ll need a compatible phone from ATT and a 30 day $45 “unlimited” plan, and a new SIM card from the company, but after that you should be good to go — there’s no need to unlock your phone. 

Before you rush out and sign up, it’s worth noting that there are some drawbacks. As Andrew notes here, you’ll not have any roaming and customer service isn’t a priority, and Straight Talk’s “unlimited” is a squirrelly thing. Hence the quotes. The biggest issue is how they define unlimited, which seems to vary from person to person. There is no hard

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