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Pac-12 Networks: What the AT&T/U-verse deal means to fans

On the surface, the Pac12Nets carriage agreement with ATT U-verse appears to be just like those with DISH, Comcast, etc.: It’s a means of distributing content to viewers.

But there is much more to the agreement — it’s like nothing else the Pac-12 has signed and, I’d venture to guess, like nothing else any college conference has signed with any distributor.

In essence, the Pac12Nets have two contracts: a distribution deal with U-verse and sponsorship/infrastructure deal with ATT.

The latter is why it took so long to finalize the former.

My understanding is the Pac-12 and U-verse agreed on the distribution end months ago — hence the Hotline report months ago that the framework was in place– but the ATT component delayed the ultimate agreement.

Everything had to be signed at once.

“It’s the most comprehensive strategic agreement we have,’’ commissioner Larry Scott told me late last week.

The foundations for the wide-ranging agreement, which I’ll outline

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