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iPhone 5 battery life is significantly reduced by iOS 7 | ExtremeTech

Battery life

Apple’s iOS 7 debuted today to strong reviews and favorable reception. The performance improvements are significant, even on older hardware, though reviews indicate that the three year-old iPhone 4 struggles with the new animations and transitions. But the odd thing here is that one phone — the Verizon iPhone 5 — takes an absolute wallop in battery life. All of the phones are negatively impacted by the iOS 6 to iOS 7 transition, but look what happens to the iPhone 5 under WiFi compared to iOS 6 and iOS 7.

iOS battery life

Original image courtesy of Ars Technica

These tests were conducted as part of Ars Technica’s hugely comprehensive review of the entire operating system, and what they show for the iPhone 5 is problematic for anyone looking to upgrade. We

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