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“Secrets and Lies” Consumers Are Hiding |

neuromarketing.2Consumers can be hiding their true motivations.  That’s the findings of a new research study by Young Rubicam.  Consumers may be hiding their most important desires and motivations from marketers.  In fact, consumers may hold views that are the opposite of what they say, and they are okay with that.

How did they discover this new finding?  YR reports that they used traditional survey research to reveal what people think consciously and indirect questioning, Implicit Association, to get at the unconscious motivations.  This is part of the movement to neuromarketing and will definitely be important when marketing to women.

Chip Walker, the YR EVP who was responsible for the study says that Consumers hide their motivations.  While people may claim that achieving “meaning in life” is their most important value consciously,  unconsciously “sexual fulfillment” ranks #1.

One of the contradictions you find

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