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Autopilot: AT&T: You Gotta Admire the Consistency

I realize this is getting tiresome, but it’s just amazing how terrible ATT is at the whole “Let’s sign you up as a new Uverse customer” thing.

A few weeks ago, I was sent a flyer offering me $550 worth of gift cards if I signed up for Uverse. As I was only getting $150 worth of gift cards (which have yet to arrive) – I figured I’d call and see if this was a deal I qualified for.

I didn’t think the odds were good, but if there was a new deal that could get me more goodies – I figured I’d ask.

I know – Never, never call ATT if you have anything productive planned for your day.

I know this. Also, I know that if anything good is going to come out of ATT, you are generally going to have to wade through a river of crap in order

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