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AT&T Refuses to Cancel Service | groubal complaints

I ordered a new high speed internet service, month to month, from ATT because it was the only service provider for my address. I begrudgingly called them and I told them that I already had a modem. They told me to send them the old modem (they sent me a label) and then I would get credit for the new modem they were going to send me.

I send the old modem back, they lose it. So now they are asking me to pay $100 dollars for my modem. I refuse because now I am essentially losing TWO modem payments.

I offer them a simple solution to get me off their back. All I want to do is cancel my service, I will pay for the months of use, and return my new modem with my own tracking number. They say they can’t help me and that someone will “call

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