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AT&T sucks, always have, nothing changed after years

ATT sucks, always have, nothing changed after years…

So, doing everything I can to avoid getting any service from ATT works for some time, but eventually there are circumstances you’re kind of forced to buy something from them, since there’s no other GSM carrier with universal bands here in US. My best experience so far was with T-mobile, then I moved to Verizon since they have unlocked iPhones, finally with GSM support. I travel quite a bit, so my first concern is to own a device that I can swap SIM cards depending which country I’m traveling to and use local internet service instead of roaming for obvious reasons.

Recently I had a great idea of jumping into the poll with an iPhone in my pocket, which ultimately bricked the device. I was still under a contract with Verizon for last few months, so instead buying new iPhone at full price

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