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For AT&T, jumping through the Hulu hoops makes sense

Jim Barthold, FierceIPTVAccording to most reports, bidding is now complete and Hulu is going to step out and pick a new boss/owner. It could be a cable company–Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) is supposedly in the running. It could be a satellite company–DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) has been ballyhooed for the spot. It could be a content provider or an entertainment company or a financial firm–all have apparently delivered bids that range in the $1 billion territory.

Or it could be a phone/IPTV provider. ATT (NYSE: T), reports say, jumped in at the last second on a bid with Chernin Group. If successful, Hulu would become a part of the U-verse universe.

It’s a play with more than a few questions, starting with the big one. Why? Why would a company with a nationwide wireless network, extensive

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