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AT&T Expects First VoLTE Device Later This Year, Service Rollout

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Speaking at a wireless infrastructure conference, ATT’s president of Labs announced that he thinks the wireless carrier could have themselves a VoLTE compatible device by the end of this year, with VoLTE service popping up sometime in 2014. Not that its appearance will be widespread for users, but that general testing and rollout will begin around that timespan. This development is right on the heels of Verizon’s same announcement that took place back in August

Verizon’s plan is to announce a VoLTE device before this year’s end, with the network upgrade taking place around mid-2014. The device will also come equipped with your standard CDMA chip, that way in case a user needs to fallback on 3G calls, they can do so. As we mentioned in a previous post, these first round of VoLTE devices should be “future

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