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AT&T Goes All In With Mobile Share Plans, No Longer Offers

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Today, ATT is ending new customers’ ability to select a traditional minutes+text+data plan, and instead will only offer Mobile Share plans. The Mobile Share plans have been around for some time, and pretty much everyone is used to how they work, but here is a quick refresher. Instead of worrying about the minutes you have on your plan, ATT offers the customer unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, but bundles a selected data plan with the line. They call these “data buckets.” 

Data buckets range in size from 300MB for $20, to 50GB for $500 a month. In addition, the customer must pay a fee to have a smartphone attached to the line; $50 for the lowest tier and then $30 if you are a serious data hog, shelling out loads of money per month for more data.

ATT insists that

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