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AT&T Forcing All New Customers Onto its Mobile Share Shared

ATT confirmed on Friday its plan to do away with traditional data plans for new customers.

ATT chicago flagship store

Instead, those joining ATT as of Oct. 25 will have to choose one of the company’s “Mobile Share” plans which allow a pool of data to be shared across multiple devices.

“In recent years, the way customers use their phones and other devices has changed — a lot,” ATT said in a blog post on Friday.

ATT introduced Mobile Share last August, but had until now allowed customers to go with either one of those plans or a traditional data plan. Rival Verizon requires all new data customers to use one of its “Share Everything” plans.

ATT said that for 95 percent of customer use cases, the Mobile Share plans offer a better value. Current ATT customers will be able to keep their existing plans

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