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Watch out AT&T: Verizon's new LTE network monster stirs in NYC

ATT’s LTE service has been beating Verizon’s 4G network soundly in performance tests — as any Ma Bell marketing exec will tell you if given half a chance — but the days are numbered in which ATT can claim the title of country’s fastest network. Since the past spring Verizon Wireless has been planning a new LTE rollout that would put ATT or any other U.S. carrier’s network speeds to shame. And that network has quietly popped up in New York City.

GigaOM reader and mobile network tracker Milan Milanovic spotted Verizon’s awakening beast in multiple locations in Midtown Manhattan. Milanovic happens to be the type of guy who carries around a handheld spectrum analyzer — and I love him for it — which shows the new LTE signals in the 2.1 GHz Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band. But you don’t have to own special hardware to see the

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