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AT&T $5 Day Passes for iPads and Tablets Coming Soon

ATT wants to solve the problem of enticing tablet buyers who are reluctant to turn on their devices’ data connection feature by offering ATT $5 day passes and a $25 prepaid plan with 1GB that expires after 3 months.

Lots of people buy tablets and many of these tablets come with LTE radios built into the device. Customers often buy them and then turn them off after the early period of ownership because it increased their monthly wireless bill. Why pay extra when they didn’t really use the data that much? Some users used it, but they find they can’t afford it.

People with data tablets turned off sometimes need their tablet’s data feature for a few days and won’t mind paying $5/day or $10-$20 for a few days. ATT thinks there’s a market for these smaller prepaid packages for an iPad or Tablet. We think many who plan to buy the new

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