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Best Prepaid Wireless Options for Your Nexus 5 – Droid Life

aio wireless prepaid

With no sign of a Nexus device ever showing up on Verizon’s network again, we’ve heard from a number of you during the whole Nexus 5 lead-up, who claim to be leaving Big Red behind for prepaid pastures. Now that the phone is official, we’ve also heard from a number of you who are looking for advice or at least information on a few of the most popular prepaid networks. Over the last year, I have actually tested out a few of them, so hopefully with this post, I can help shed some light on what could be an intimidating new arena for many of you. 

What is Prepaid?

Before we get into your options, it’s probably best to give you a little explanation of what prepaid is. Think of prepaid as no-contract, mostly no-nonsense wireless service. Each prepaid carrier has

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