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Twitter: the killer app for customer service | Jackie Huba

Twitter: the killer app for customer service

“Hello, this is Sam Kaufman from the ATT Internet Executive Office, and I am calling about your tweets.”

That’s what I heard yesterday after posting a few tweets about my less-than-stellar customer service experience with an ATT DSL technical support rep. The rep was trying to diagnose my DSL problems and after telling me to stay on the line for 10 minutes, he never returned after 30 minutes. I hung up. He never called back.

With a few hours of my ATT tweet, @ATTJohnathon, a customer care rep on Twitter contacted me, asking if he could help. I DM’ed him my account number as he requested and he passed it on to Sam. Turns out Sam is part of the Customer Advocacy Center, where escalated customer complaints are sent. Sam says he has recently started receiving tweets from

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