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J-TWO-O: Customer service? More like customer disservice.

The other day, while on hold, waiting for the nice customer service representative to figure out why she couldn’t find my account, again, I wondered, How much of our lives is wasted dealing with customer service — or on hold waiting for a customer service representative? And how much of that wasted time is spent trying to fix a problem the company (not you) created…

Or a problem that you thought had been already resolved, but wasn’t?

Granted, mistakes happen. That’s why companies have Customer Service departments. I just think companies have different definitions of “service.”

Oh to have a dollar for every customer service representative who was flat out incompetent. (I swear, if I have to spell my first and last name for my insurance broker, whom I have been working with for three years now, one more time, I’m going to explode.)

Or those customer

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