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iPhone 3GS? Not Enough to Justify the Cost (and AT&T Sucks

iPhone 3GS? Not Enough to Justify the Cost (and ATT Sucks)

iPhone 3GSAsked my Twitter peeps whether or not they were buying the just-released iPhone 3GS, and 175 replies later, the response is a pretty solid NO.

Almost 80% of respondents are passing on the 3GS mainly because they don’t think the upgrade is worth the money, they’re not eligible for the upgrade pricing, they think ATT blows, they’re waiting for next year’s model, or they’re simply happy with their current phone. The other 20% were thrilled about getting their paws on the 3GS’ speed and video camera. Yes-folks said the 3GS finally feels “feature-complete,” that the device replaces their GPS, point and shoot camera, and in some cases, their laptop, and others said it was the perfect reason to ditch their current crappy phone.

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