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Left In Alabama:: More Selective Outrage From Alabama GOP On

Taking marching orders from the latest GOP “anti-Obamacare scare manual,” AL-05’s Mo Brooks was on the floor of the House railing about “security problems” with and advising constituents to avoid it.  Senator Richard Shelby is at work publicizing his constituents’ paranoia.  GOP health care LIE

The irony?  Both men took to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, other social media outlets to warn constituents about “privacy threats.”  Yep.  Did you read it using your smartphone?  Share it on your FB page suddenly start receiving health insurance-related ads via Google ads?  Ignore the warning message that it’s time to update your anti-virus software or operating system because “I want to read this security article instead?”

Then suck it up, campers, because Big Data already has the goods on you – and so do hackers, the

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