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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Buzz Out Loud 1206: Lies, damn lies, and AT&T's lies

You would not believe the rants in this episode … coming out of Tom. No, seriously. Something about ATT’s ongoing attempts to have their anti-regulation cake and eat your Universal Service Fund fees, too just sends him into a frothing fury. Plus, there’s rage to burn on the U.S. government reporting that there are essentially […]

AT&T Lies About iPhone 4S Arrival Date | The Picky Vegan

Stepping out of the VeganMoFo role for a minute; I hope my vegan followers will excuse the off topic post. My old 3Gs. I love you 3Gs, but it’s time. Like many excited iPhone fans, I got up early early to reserve my pre-ordered iPhone yesterday. I totally understood that this was a pre-order, and […]

AT&T Sucks More Than Any Other Carrier, Says Consumer Reports

‘; if (google_ads[0].bidtype == ‘CPC’) { /* insert this snippet for each ad call */ google_adnum = google_adnum + google_ads.length; } document.write(s); } } google_ad_client = ‘ca-pub-0457527031304647’; google_ad_output = ‘js’; google_max_num_ads = ‘1’; google_ad_type = ‘text’; google_feedback = ‘on’; google_skip = google_adnum; google_ad_channel = ‘1102379497’; Once again, ATT has been declared the worst carrier provider […]

The Reason Why AT&T Sucks is Important | Ordinary Times

This week my family and I will be firing ATT as our cellphone service provider. I decided to write about this decision as well as its complete lack of vendor consequences for two reasons. One reason, obviously, is my rather pitiful and bitter attempt at personal catharsis. But the second reason is that ATT actually […]

2.5 million data points show: America's ISPs suck, and AT&T sucks

Point, click and blow-up your Instagram with the Lytro Gen 1 camera: now 49% off There are incredible moments in life that you just wish you could live again over and over. Epic parties, friend reunions, gorgeous views, amazing meals, proposals, weddings, family time, high fives, leaps, action shots, you name it. And somehow, the […]

You: "AT&T = Evil Empire" AT&T CSR: "No Problem, Have A Great

Rhett was trying to order $10 DSL for his mom when he got the fabled “$10 DSL Runaround.” Rhett writes: My mother recently moved to a new home and was trying to decide which provider she should choose to provide internet service. I told her that because of ATT’s recent merger, they had to provide […]

AT&T: The Evil Empire | The Life of an English Major

Since earlier this year, the telecommunications company ATT has been expanding at an alarming rate. First, they absorbed Bell South. Next, they assimilated Cingular. Now, they hold the exclusive rights to the iPhone’s network. And yet, even though I listen to enough liberal radio to kill a horse, I haven’t heard a single outcry about […]

AT&T: Google is an evil empire that must be stopped

Following up on the Federal Communications Commission’s continuing investigation into the legality and regulatory positioning of Google Voice, telecommunications giant ATT addressed the FCC with a document entitled, “The Truth About Google Voice and the Open Internet Principles.” (PDF available here, hosted by the Washington Post.) It reads quite like any other publication with a […]

Retail Hell Underground: Bad Customer Service: Reporter Creates

  From The Dallas Business Journal: The big kahuna at ATT, chairman and chief executive Randall Stephenson, doesn’t list improving customer service as one of his top three goals. The Dallas Business Journal reported that he wants a smooth DirecTV transition, expansion in Mexico and a reduction in costs. A week ago, I told you […]

Bad Customer Service is Worse PR | Roundpeg | Small Business

Dear ATT: You lied to me. After my boss and I spent a combined two hours on the phone with unhelpful customer service reps, I turned to a forum where I thought  I could get help: Twitter. I knew you tweeted customer service assistance, and it seemed a fair court of last resort. Wrong. Now, […]