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AT&T Introduces an Awful New “Unlimited” Prepaid Phone Plan

Photo by Mike Mozart.

ATT introduced a new unlimited option for its contract-free GoPhone prepaid plan today. For $65/month ($60/month if you sign up for AutoPay), you get access to a slow internet with crappy video quality.


With the new plan, GoPhone Unlimited customers get unlimited talk, text, and data. But that data is capped at a max speed of 3Mbps, which is less than half the speed of ATT’s average LTE speed of 7.93Mbps. That speed is cut even more if you want to watch a video. Videos are not only limited to a 480p resolution, but will also max out download speeds at 1.5Mbps. Even the “unlimited” banner is a bit of a misnomer since ATT will temporarily slow your already slow

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